Food-Safe is our Specialty

Eagle Transportation Systems is a highly-specialized transportation company with a focus on temperature sensitive food products and bulk food grade liquids. Food-safe really is our focus, and all aspects of our business revolve around the safe transport of perishables, non-perishables, liquid foods and food additives.

Our food-safe certifications include HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials), and we are a certified kosher transporter. Our service area extends from the Maritimes to Eastern, Central and Western Canada, and we move food-safe shipments across the border, down the Eastern seaboard and into the central United States.

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Freight and Bulk Shipments

Eagle's freight division specializes in the transportation of temperature controlled food products. We provide full truck load (FTL) transportation services to customers looking for the transport of perishable foods and food products and other kinds of food-compatible freight. We safely transport both dry and temperature-controlled freight.

Our bulk division transports a variety of liquid food products and has experience hauling a wide variety of liquid commodities such as edible oils, juices, spirits, molasses, liquid sugars, food additives and other food ingredients. Our equipment service capabilities include pump unloading and heat to provide the ultimate in product integrity, and our own food-grade wash facilities to meet the most stringent standards in tanker washing.

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The transportation sector accounts for four percent of Canada's annual GDP, with trucking leading over rail, air, marine and all other modes of transportation.

Eagle is Green-Powered

Eagle's Green Initiatives

Our world is important to us. Eagle's green initiatives are good for the environment, our customers and the bottom line.

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Bulk Liquid Transport

Bulk Liquid Transport

The safe transport of food-grade liquids is our specialty. We hold HACCP, HAZMAT and kosher certifications, so we can ship almost anything.

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Contact Eagle Today

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Our Service Area

Our Service Area

Eagle transports freight and bulk food-safe shipments to locations across Canada and the United States.

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